Mee & Chantelle Maree Hair

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For this instalment of the Mee & You interview series with incredible Brisbane babes, I caught up with my friend & another one of my hair gurus Chantelle from Chantelle Maree Hair. 

If you’re a bride-to-be, have a girlfriend who is or just love beautiful hair then Chantelle should absolutely be on your radar - she is a genius when it comes to bridal hair & styling for the big day (just check out the beautiful images on her website & Instagram!). 

Read on for my chat with Chantelle about upcoming hair trends, her regular work day (which is not so regular) & her plans for 2020… I hope you enjoy this one! 

What does Beauty mean to you? 

For me, beauty comes from within. I believe that if you are looking after yourself & feel good internally then that definitely shines through.

As a busy Mum & business owner, how do you implement self care?

For me self care is rather limited with a little one so I try to prioritise time in my week where I can zone out & enjoy some "me" time. Often it will be going to the gym as I find that is a great outlet for me or doing a weekly face mask or hair treatment. 

What does a regular day at work look like for you?

The majority of my work is weddings & styling so there isn't really a regular work day which is what I love about my job. Every wedding & destination is always different & it's always a wonderful time glamming up the bride & her bridal party. So much love & excitement on the day!

When I am in my studio (1-2 days per week) it is about pampering & looking after my regular clients. I have a wonderful clientele so it's about making sure they leave feeling fabulous & relaxed.

What are the upcoming hair, & particularly wedding hair, trends that I need to know about?

I think wedding hair trends have been pretty consistent for a while. More relaxed & effortless styling is definitely a popular choice amongst brides. Whether it be a ponytail, waves or low textured bun, I think the biggest advice I can give to a bride is to choose a style similar to how they normally like to wear their hair but a more glam version. We all know what looks good on us & if you can enhance that then confidence automatically oozes out. Often doing something completely different to how you normally wear your hair can cause doubt as you don't feel like you. On your wedding day you want to be the best version of you & not look back having any regrets. 

What’s coming up for Chantelle Maree Hair for the rest of the year & beyond? 

Weddings, weddings & more weddings, which I am not complaining about! Styling is definitely a passion of mine & I know 2020 will be a popular year for weddings so I can't wait to see what next year holds. 

You can get in touch with Chantelle via her website, and make sure you are following along on Instagram @chantellemareehair to keep up with all of the beautiful styles she creates throughout the year.

Emily Mee