Mee & Grace from Free Folk Agency


This month I caught up with my bestie & client Grace, who also has her own business - a marketing agency - called Free Folk Agency. Grace has been a huge supporter of me & the beauty salon since we opened last year & she’s my go-to marketing girl too! 

How great is it that friends can support each other's businesses… she’s one of my beautiful clients & I’m one hers!

Read on for my chat with Grace about her business, her beauty & self-care routine & her take on beauty. This is a goodie! 

Tell me a little bit about Free Folk Agency, what does a normal day look like?

I started Free Folk Agency along with my business partner Teagan (another fab Mee & You Beauty babe) when chatting all things marketing & the power of community over a glass of Rosé. We realised there was a gap in the market for an agency that recognised the opportunity that existed for brands to focus on creating two-way relationships & building genuine connections with their community. So, we created that agency & we’re really passionate about helping businesses realise the power of Community Marketing. At Free Folk Agency, we’re all about helping businesses grow & nurture their community through social media, content marketing, PR & events. 

As consumers, we are all starting to expect more from the brands we purchase from. We crave relationships & experiences in the customer journey, so it’s my belief that Community Marketing has never been more important than it is today. When your community is engaged & growing, so is your business. Mee & You Beauty is certainly a great example of that… what a community!

There’s no normal day in the life of Free Folk Agency, you might find us in between meetings with clients, pitching to the media, attending networking events or catching up with our favourite women in the biz community over a coffee. Other days you will find us in our activewear creating content plans, tapping away on our computers, eating lunch at our desks & vibing to Taylor Swift! 

How do you implement beauty & self-care into your routine?

I really invest in looking after my skin, as I don’t love wearing makeup every day, so I like to be able to rely on my skin looking good. With the support of Em, I am currently trying to convert my beauty & makeup products to more toxin-free & conscious choices.

To me, self-care is a Sunday bubble bath & face mask, while enjoying a good book & a glass of red. Cliche I know, but damn it’s good.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is about feeling confident within yourself. I definitely am of the belief that real beauty comes from within, but it doesn’t hurt to feel like your looking your best as you navigate this thing called life. 

What is your fave treatment at Mee & You Beauty?

I can’t pick just one! My favourites are the Eye Trio (a saviour for those of us who don’t love to wear makeup) & the OmniLux Get Set Glow Facial. 

What's next in store for you & Free Folk Agency?

We have some exciting things on the horizon for Free Folk Agency, some of which is hush-hush right now, so watch this space. Right now, I am looking forward to (read: slightly terrified) speaking at the Future of Social Media conference in Melbourne on the 19th of August. 

If you want to learn more about Free Folk Agency, you can jump over to their website here, or follow along on Instagram at @freefolkagency. If you own a business or have a big idea, chat to Grace & her biz partner Teagan - promise you’re in good hands!