Wedding Skin Prep

Sian had monthly OMNILUX Treatment Facials for 5 months at Mee & You Beauty in the lead up to her wedding as well as monthly Brow Shaping & Tinting

Sian had monthly OMNILUX Treatment Facials for 5 months at Mee & You Beauty in the lead up to her wedding as well as monthly Brow Shaping & Tinting

As a skin & beauty JUNKIE my pre-wedding skincare routine was the first thing I got sorted when I got engaged three years ago. Before I booked my venue, photographer or band I had locked in my facials! My wedding day truly was the best day of my life, but believe me when I say I understand how stressful & sometimes painful planning your “perfect day” can be & this is why I wanted to create this easy to follow guide!

This checklist will guide you through your pre-wedding skin journey in the 12 months leading up to your big day. As always this is just a guide & I would LOVE nothing more than to chat to you further so we can create your personalised pre-wedding skincare routine & treatment plan. 

12 Months before the big day

Congratulations on locking in a date! The next 12 months will absolutely FLY by so even though it seems like it is so far away, now is the time to start your wedding skin journey!

My top tips… 

Book a consultation with your chosen skin professional & ask them to recommend a personalised home routine & stick to it! This is always my first recommendation no matter how far out from the wedding you are, 12 months is ideal but 6 months or even 3 months out from the day is definitely still beneficial! I would always rather my clients purchase great home care & maybe skip a facial than the other way around. You’re going to see much better results using personalised skincare products at home every day for the 12 months leading up to your wedding than you would if you only had a couple of treatments in the months before the big day.

If you are prone to skin conditions like acne, rosacea & dermatitis, make an appointment to see a nutritionist or naturopath. Your skin is a barometer of your internal health, so often I see clients presenting with these issues & I will always recommend they see someone to work on your internal gut health. It can take time to get any internal issues sorted so allowing enough time is essential.

6 Months before the big day

Stressed yet?! Planning a wedding can be a magical time, but it can also be insanely stressful! It is so important in these next 6 months to take some time out for yourself & bask in the pre-wedding bliss!

My top tips… 

Book yourself in for a facial & pre-book monthly facials from now until the big day. We really want to ramp up the professional treatments from 6 months out, so if you’re not someone that already commits to monthly skin treatment, then now is the time to. I recommend booking your facials in advance & committing to that hour of selfcare each month. It’s good for your skin, but also good for you too! 

Start taking an internal beauty supplement. During peak times of stress, your skin is the last organ to receive TLC from the nutrients consumed in your normal diet. I always recommend an Essential Fatty Acid supplement & a Beauty Powder to anyone wanting to achieve that bridal glow (my faves are from Bestow Beauty range, which we actually stock in the salon. Ask about them next time you’re in!).

 3 Months before the big day 

I found that at the 3-month mark I felt really stuck, all of the big-ticket items had already been organised & it was almost too early to do any of the last-minute, nitty-gritty tasks. This is when I recommend getting as organised as you can because the next 12 weeks will be gone in the blink of an eye!

My top tips… 

Introduce the last of any “new” skincare items. The night before your wedding is not the time to be trying out a new skincare product for the first time, the last thing you need is an allergic reaction the night before the big day! Over the past 6-9 months, you may have gradually added items into the routine, by now you should have the perfect personalised routine down pat! If you need to make any last-minute changes, now is the time to do so!

Make any final beauty appointments. I recommend locking in all of your appointments (hair, nails, tan, facials, massage) early, because it will give you peace of mind, & also make it easier to lock in the times & dates that suit you best.

Trial your Spray Tan. Nothing like a white dress to make even the most golden goddesses feel pasty! Most clients in the salon opt for a colour that looks natural but still gives a subtle glow for their wedding day. With all the different tanning products, bases & wear times available on the market now, I always recommend trying a few to find your favourite one!

Sam had a number of OMNILUX Treatment Facials at Meet & You Beauty over 3 months in the lead-up to her wedding, and also had her brows shaped and tinted for the big day

Sam had a number of OMNILUX Treatment Facials at Meet & You Beauty over 3 months in the lead-up to her wedding, and also had her brows shaped and tinted for the big day

1 Month before the big day

The countdown is well & truly on! It’s almost impossible to think about anything other than the wedding, right? Aren’t you glad you booked all those appointments in months ago!

My top tips… 

Have a course of OMNILUX LED Light Treatments. I don’t know of another treatment on the market that offers such incredible results for such a wide range of skin concerns. The number & frequency of your treatments will depend on your skin & will be determined at a consult with your skin professional. Even if you can only sneak in one OMNILUX Treatment before your big day, I would whole-heartedly recommend you do!

Reduce your intake of inflammatory foods. What we consume can have a huge effect on our skin. It’s no coincidence that when we eat really clean, whole foods our skin glows from within! Common inflammatory foods include dairy, gluten, alcohol, processed foods & sugar.

Maximise your water intake. Water is the ultimate detoxing agent & when we consume 2-3L of water a day, our bodies are flushed of toxins that can cause dull, dehydrated looking skin. Aim for 10 glasses of water a day & more if you’re exercising or working in a dehydrating environment. 

The week of the wedding 

The wedding week is here! This week will be gone in the blink of an eye… so much to do, so little time!

My top tips… 

Book yourself in for a massage. This was the absolute best thing I could have done the week of my wedding. I think it was the only time that week that I was able to shut off & completely relax. Do this at the start of the week before your spray tan & final skin treatment.

Do any hair removal 48-24hrs before your Spray Tan. If you’re waxing this should be done 48hrs before for optimal results (particularly for areas like legs or arms). If you’re shaving this should be done 12-24hrs before your tan. I find that tan never sits as well on freshly shaved legs or arms.

Book your final OMNILUX treatment for 48hrs before your Wedding Day. The results from your OMNILUX treatment will be peaking 48hrs after. It is perfectly fine & won’t at all affect the results if you spray tan after the treatment!

Janet had a monthly 1hr Bespoke Facial for 6 months in the lead-up to her wedding, as well as 3 OMNILUX Treatment Facials in the week before her wedding

Janet had a monthly 1hr Bespoke Facial for 6 months in the lead-up to her wedding, as well as 3 OMNILUX Treatment Facials in the week before her wedding

Book your spray tan for 2 days before your Wedding Day. This allows enough time for the tan to fully develop & for any excess bronzer to be well & truly gone! We don’t want any tan marks on the white dress!

The night before

Everything is organised within an inch of its life & all that’s left is for you to relax with your girls & prepare for the big day!

My top tips… 

No more than one celebratory champagne! As exciting as this night is & no matter how tempted you may be to polish off half a bottle of Moet you must RESIST! Alcohol is a hydration killer! You don’t want to undo the glow you’ve worked so hard for, all for the sake of a few champs!

Get an early night! Beauty sleep is real! We don’t want you walking down the aisle looking like a zombie bride! 8 hours is ideal & 6 hours is the absolute minimum!

Lather your lips with a SUPER hydrating lip balm. You want the most kissable lips possible to seal the deal! Lather up your lips the night before so you wake up with a plump, juicy pout!

The morning of the big day

You’ve made it! Congratulations!

My top tips… 

Talk to your makeup artist about your skin-prep! This is the first time you may need to stray from your diligent skincare routine. Listen to how your makeup artist would like you to prep your skin (they may ask you to keep it completely clean or skip everything except moisturiser), they will know the best products to use to ensure your makeup looks amazing all day long.

Relax & Enjoy! You’re marrying the love of life & nothing gives a glow quite like that.

At Mee & You Beauty, we pride ourselves on assisting our clients to achieve healthy, radiant, glowing, “Bride Skin”. I feel so honoured whenever I am contacted by someone in the lead up to their big day, it truly is so special to be a part of their journey & to be trusted as their go-to skincare gal. The path to radiance is slightly different for everyone, so if you would like to discuss your personalised treatment plan or have any questions about wedding skincare preparation or skin-related routines, please shoot me through an email or reach out on Instagram @meeandyoubeauty