Mee & Mane Society

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This month I was so lucky to catch up with the duo behind Brisbane’s best (in my opinion!) hair salon - Jordie & Lulu from The Mane Society. 

I have known Jordie & Lulu for years, they were some of the OG Mee & You Beauty clients when I was working out of the spare room in my house in Paddington. We have always kept in touch & they were here for their weekly spray tans as soon as I opened. They have always been so supportive of me & Mee & You Beauty, especially in the beginning stages of opening the salon (they opened their The Mane Society 12 months earlier!).

For all of you beauties who ask me about hair & who I would recommend, The Mane Society are your go-to hair goddesses. They’re a small salon in Paddington covering everything you could ever want & need for your mane - luscious hair extensions, the best cut & colour job I’ve ever had & of course, beautiful styling. 

Read on for my chat with Jordie & Lulu about what makes The Mane Society different, what the pair do to unwind & of course, their favourite treatment at Mee & You Beauty. 

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to us is so many things. It’s a lot more than painting your face & trying to look a certain way. We believe it is the feeling you have when you practise self-love & self-care. We do a lot of this, plus a bit of makeup too to enhance your natural beauty.

What makes the Mane Society different from other hair salons?

All salons have a unique experience with special personal touches. We absolutely love wining & dining & having a laugh, so this is the foundation of our service. We are always striving for every client to leave saying they have the best hair they have ever had thanks to a visit to our salon. 

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As the owners of one of Brisbane's hottest hair salons, what do you do to unwind?

We are creatures of habit & our routine keeps us sane. You’ll find us pounding the pavement to get to our F45 session most mornings around 6:30am. Lounging at Atticus Finch around 8am for a coffee before heading to work to hang out with each other & our beautiful clients, & do what we love. The weekly Friday wind-down usually consists of a spritz at the salon or wines at a local bar. 

What's your favourite treatment at Mee & You Beauty?

We want to say one of the amazing relaxing skin treatments Em provides (& omg aren’t they the best!?) but we are basic & we are pale & not ok with that. So, as part of our weekly routine, a Thursday night tan is definitely our favourite. The Mee & You Beauty tan is absolutely flawless - THANK YOU EM!

What's next for The Mane Society?

Well, the first things that springs to mind is our group Greek Islands trip we all have planned next week! But I guess you mean business related (Ha!). After a really busy first year in business, we are just taking the time to appreciate where we are at, enjoy every moment with our dream team while still thinking forward & setting future goals. But at the same time, we love where we are right now. Feeling super grateful for the decisions we have made thus far, & for all the amazing mane babes that are now part of our lives! We love you gals. 

If you want to check out some of the incredible work Jordie, Lulu & their team do in the salon, jump over to their Instagram @themanesocietyaus to check out some of their (very beautiful) customers, who have epic hair thanks to The Mane Society. If you’re interested, you can book an appointment & learn more about their services here.